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Customized Solutions for Hair Loss: Expert Transplant Services

YS HAIR CLINIC has been serving since 2012 to create a permanent solution against hair loss, one of the biggest problems of men in modern times. YS HAIR CLINIC has hosted guests from 9 countries so far; It provides one hundred percent customer satisfaction with its full service approach. With 12 years of experience in their fields, the founders of the clinic, Yavuz Selim TOYGAR, set out with the principle of always applying the best, with its expert staff and state-of-the-art devices.

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+90 543 492 45 54

We are at your service with all the components you will need during your treatment.

VIP Transfer

We offer comfortable and modern car services for transportation between the airport, hotel, and hospital.


We'll organize accommodations at a five-star hotel situated within the vicinity where the treatment will be conducted.


We'll organize accommodations at a five-star hotel situated within the vicinity where the treatment will be conducted.



Continuous access to an interpreter via a local mobile phone provided by us is available for 24 hours during your stay.

Our Hair Transplant Patients



Our aim in hair transplantation is to provide individuals with a comfortable and natural hair appearance using modern medical practices. Through our expertise and advanced techniques, we strive to restore not just hair but also confidence. We prioritize personalized care and strive for the most natural-looking results possible. Our goal is to ensure that every individual feels at ease and satisfied with their transformed appearance, experiencing a renewed sense of self-assurance and contentment.


Beard&Mustache Transplantation

In our dedicated clinic specializing in beard and mustache transplantation, our core mission is to artfully sculpt and restore facial hair, accentuating masculine features through cutting-edge medical procedures. Beyond hair restoration, we focus on reviving and amplifying the essence of masculinity. We utilize advanced techniques to achieve  masculine results. Our ultimate aim is to ensure each individual feels empowered and exudes confidence with their revitalized appearance and embracing a distinctly masculine identity.


Eyebrow Transplantation

At our clinic specializing in eyebrow transplantation, our mission is to craft beautiful, natural-looking eyebrows through innovative medical methods. Our expertise and state-of-the-art techniques are dedicated to not just restoring eyebrows but also reviving confidence. We focus on tailored care, striving for exceptionally realistic outcomes. Our ultimate goal is to ensure each individual feels genuinely comfortable and thrilled with their transformed appearance, fostering a profound sense of self-assuredness and happiness.




Years of Experience


Satisfied Patients

YS HAIR CLINIC has been providing services since 2012 to create a permanent solution to hair loss, which is one of the biggest problems of men in modern times.

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Karim A.

The team's expertise and attention to detail were remarkable. My hair looks completely natural, and I couldn't be happier with the results
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Yavuz Selim Toygar

Yavuz Selim Toygar
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